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Lindsey Hull
Lindsey Hull

Lindsey Hull came to Career Development wanting to pursue an Occupational Health & Safety degree but could not see herself in college for 4 years. Lindsey had experience in the oil & gas industry and was encouraged by one of the safety inspectors to pursue certification through Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX).He felt like with Lindsey's experience, she would qualify for the program and make an excellent safety official. Lindsey researched and found out that TEEX offers short term courses to individuals with at least 5 years experience in the field. Lindsey received assistance for the courses from Career Development and WIA and her grandmother helped out with living expenses. Lindsey had to travel and stay at a hotel while attending the courses, which lasted 3 - 4 days each. The certification requires a total of 10 courses which she began in September, 2011 and completed in January, 2012. Lindsey is now a Certified Health & Safety Official (CHSO) and a certified trainer. Her employment opportunities are endless as there is a big demand for CHSOs nationwide. She is currently working in Pampa, TX for Tulsa Inspection Resources and is required to travel a lot with her job; however, Lindsey can later conduct OSHA classes for the construction industry and can stay closer to home. She has already purchased a new vehicle with her hefty new salary and is planning on buying land and a home down the road. She is looking forward to being able to take a "real" vacation, something she would never have been able to afford before becoming a CHSO. Lindsey is very appreciative of the assistance she received from the Choctaw Nation and encourages others to take advantage of all the services available. Her best advice to others thinking of continuing their education is "just make up your mind and do it"!


Be a debt-free college grad

Many students rack up major loan debt, hoping that future jobs will pay well enough that they can pay it back. Why take the risk?



 Student loans have been in the news lately. The current brouhaha comes as interest on student loans is about to double. That sounds a bit more ominous than it really is. The rate will go from 3.4% to 6.8% -- still quite low by historical standards. But if you are sporting $200,000 in school loans, any interest rate hike hurts.


The response to this "crisis" is typical for an election year. President Barack Obama first called for a moratorium on rate increases. Mitt Romney was quick to second that idea. Apparently, a lot of college students and recent graduates vote, so the "chicken in every pot" form of government is in full swing. We'll worry about personal responsibility in a non-election year.


If you've already racked up student loans and don't have the income to pay them off, you're in a tough spot. Student debt guaranteed by the federal government is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, making the situation even harder for many. And that says nothing of the debt many have incurred with student credit cards. But if you have yet to start college or are in school now, it's not too late. There are many things you can do to avoid problems with paying off school loans. Read more.




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June 2012                    

Upcoming Event:  Entrepreneurial Empowerment  

Choctaw Nation to host Entrepreneurial Empowerment


The Choctaw Nation will partner with ONABEN-A Native American Business Network and the SBAs Office of Native American Affairs to host a one-day entrepreneurial training.


Aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners will be introduced to ways to enhance their business operations.  Information will be provided on government contracting and marketing. The workshop will also afford participants the opportunity to become familiar with area business resources as local leaders in business development sit on a panel to discuss their program initiatives and take questions from the audience.


The workshop is open to the public and there is no cost to attend. 

Date: July 12, 2012.

Time: 1-4pm

Location: KTC Idabel


Contact: CAB or NABRC programs at 580 -920-2260 for registration or more information.


Nurse Career Ladder Degrees


Are you looking for a career change or new direction for the future? One important factor to consider is job stability these days. When deciding on a career, the future outlook of the field is a critical factor to consider. Not only is current high demand important, future high demand is equally, if not more important. You might want to take a look at the nursing field. Nursing is one of the fastest growing jobs for the next decade. There are many types of nursing degrees. Here is a quick career ladder guide to choosing the nursing degree that is right for you.

  1. Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) -This type of license is the fastest way to enter the field of nursing. LPN degrees generally require only one year of the study and training at a technical vocational school. LPN's work under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses.
  2. Registered Nursing (RN) ---Becoming an RN is also a prerequisite for most nursing specialties and advanced degrees. RN degree takes an average of two to three years to complete at a college.
  3. Bachelor in Nursing (BSN) D---BSN programs are available for nurses with previous education and experience. LPN to BSN programs allow LPNs to earn bachelor of nursing degrees in four academic semesters. RN to BSN bridge programs offer flexible scheduling to working nurses who already hold associate's degrees.
  4. Master in Nursing (MSN) ---MSN is a post-graduate program. This type of nursing takes up to two years to complete and focuses on advanced nursing theory and practice. BSN degree is a pre-requisite for most MSN programs. You will graduate with the skills to become a Nurse Practitioner


Employment Spotlight


As Choctaw member, Jimmy Williams, began his search for a job closer to his home town, and where he could utilize his skills and talents in a broader scope, he heard a radio advertisement about  Jimmy promptly visited the online job board site, and did a quick search for jobs in his field.  A particular position with the Choctaw Nation's Tribal Research Department caught his attention.  Jimmy submitted his resume and completed an application for the position.  After interviews, and the selection process was completed, Jimmy knew the position was just what he had been looking for. had its first known success story!  Jimmy reports that the site is user-friendly, and offers a great connection point for job seekers and employers across the Choctaw Nation as well as outside Oklahoma and the U.S.


At this point in time, had only been live online for a few days, but it had already served as a direct connection to high quality employment for tribal members. Since that date, the site has grown on a daily basis with 1100+ site visits on single days during its second month of existence, and an average of 275 jobs available each day.  Career Development's Employment Services Specialists are working continually to recruit top quality employers to post jobs at in order to serve as a connection point where job seekers can come at any time to find career opportunities.


Set up your account at today!  Let the Job Agent assist in your job search process by emailing you job listings that match your preferences profile. 


New Employers on

Big Five Community Services, First Texoma National Bank, Heavensent Caregivers, Joe Brown Company, Magnolia Homes, Neighbors Building Neighborhoods


Thank you for posting your jobs with us!


For more information or assistance in registering on, contact Rhonda at or 580-931-7624.



7 Deadly Myths of Job References 
 By Jeff Shane, Professional Resume Writer 

Thinking about your prospects for landing that new job? You should think first about what your former boss and other references will say about you. There is no doubt that, for many job searchers, a person's previous employers will have a direct bearing on their future. However, more than a few job seekers are under erroneous impressions about what they former employers are allowed to (or what they will) say - here are some commonly held myths:


Myth No. 1: "Companies are not allowed to say anything negative about a former employee."

Reality: While many companies may have policies dictating that only title, dates of employment and eligibility for rehire can be discussed, their employees at both the supervisory and HR level frequently violate such policies. Due to human nature, providing a reference may be an emotional call for some. How about the boss with whom you had philosophical differences or the supervisor who sexually harassed you? Maybe a boss was just jealous of you? Approximately fifty percent (50%) of Allison & Taylor's clients receive a bad reference, despite the strict policies in place.


Myth No. 2: "Most corporations direct reference check requests to their Human Resources departments, and these people won't say anything bad about me."

Reality: Most human resources professionals will follow proper protocol. However, in addition to what is said, prospective employers often evaluate how something is said. In other words, they listen to tone of voice and note the HR staffer's willingness to respond to their questions - both critical factors. Often heard is "Check this person's references very carefully", an ominous statement from any perspective. A human resources department will often divulge if a person is eligible for re-hire. Are you?

Read more. 

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