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Brittany Robertson
Brittany Robertson

I am so thankful for Choctaw Nation Career Development and Larry Amos. They helped me right out of high school when I was going to school for elementary education. I later decided that's not what I wanted to do. I decided to go for nursing. I again applied through Larry Amos for help through the Choctaws. Worried they were going to give up on me and not help because they already helped me once and I dropped from that. Thankfully, Larry worked with me and believed in me that nursing was what I really wanted to do. I applied again and was approved. Choctaw Nation Career Development paid for my nursing school in full. I did not pay one penny for books, tuition, or even nursing shoes and a watch! They provided. I honestly don't think I would have been able to make it through nursing school without Choctaw Nation Career Development  and Larry Amos. It's because of them that I finished school. I am now employed by the Choctaw Nation at the Choctaw Nation Indian Clinic in McAlester. I am very blessed to be working for the tribe and wouldn't trade it for anything! Very proud to be a member of the Choctaw Nation.


Industry Spotlight

What Does a Career In Energy Offer?


Energy. We are daily consumers of energy, from both natural and man-made resources. We use energy, and we take it for granted, but have we thought about being a part of insuring that energy is readily available in the future? The Energy industry offers outstanding career opportunities with potential for growth, advancement, and top wages in a variety of career pathways for skilled technicians and engineers.


According to the Center for Energy Workforce Development, the energy industry today stands well-poised for expansion. The industry is facing significant workforce shortages-an estimated 46 percent of the workforce (approx.. 200,000 skilled workers) may need to be replaced by 2015, in large part due to the upcoming waves of baby boomers reaching retirement age in the coming years. At the same time, the industry is seeing a growing skill gap in applicants ranging from employability skills to academic and technical skills. See details.


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Build Your Energy Career Ladder

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December 2012                    


Educated Skills:  Balancing Will and Skill


A person does not need to have a college degree to get ahead in the Texas economy.  A degree can help, particularly if it is in a subject area that is in demand by employers.  And student who didn't accumulate a lot of student loan debt in getting their degree will have an advantage-excess debt limits a person's options for accepting available jobs.


High student loan debts has become a strike against hiring a person as more companies are running credit checks on job applicants and filtering out applicants who owe a lot of money.  Nevertheless, as valuable as a college degree can be, it is not a prerequisite for getting a good job.


Yet a high school diploma is absolutely necessary.


Most employers state that workers must have a high school diploma as a minimum requirement for any job opening.  And some post-secondary education (post-high school education) or training is also necessary in the current Texas labor market, according to help wanted job postings.


School isn't the real world. People who excel in the classroom are not guaranteed to excel in the workplace.  Yet the classroom is a laboratory to develop thinking skills and behaviors.  The classroom is often where critical thinking sills are imparted, tested and honed.  The classroom is also a proving ground where people are measured.  Many employers feel that accomplishment in the classroom will lead to accomplishment in the workplace. More.

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Don't say that: Phrases to avoid during an interview


An interview can be seen as the grand finale of your hard work and planning. All your job-search activities, networking and researching lead to the interview, the first time you have the chance to meet the employer face to face.  It's an exciting and nerve-wracking time, and the words you use are key to making a good impression.  With the pressure on, it pays to be mindful of the words and phrases you use during the interview.

Job candidates often try to "wing" interview questions rather than compose their thoughts and speak with confidence.  Buying a few seconds to think is better than launching into a response immediately and rambling in hopes of coming up with a good answer. 

Read more...      (from Career Rescue/Kim Thompson)




How to work with a debt collector

11/19/2012 1:45 PM ET


By Jeanne Kelly,

Ring, ring. As soon as you hear your phone, you break out in a cold sweat. Is it a debt collector calling you to harass you about paying your bills? You ignore the call. Later, you listen to a moment or two of the voicemail message and delete it quickly when you discover that, yes, it was a debt collector.

This scenario is all too common. Unfortunately, ignoring a debt collector does do you no good, and it can keep you from getting more credit and loans in the future. Here are some tips to help you work with debt collectors instead of hiding from them:

No. 1: Take thorough notes

A debt collector is often not the same institution you dealt with when you applied for the loan or credit card. The collection agency is instead working off of the notes available to it, which might not contain much information. If you start getting phone calls from collection agents, the first thing you should do is gather all your notes, including receipts, invoices and past-due notices, as well as your own personal notes of interactions and commitments you've made.



Make sure your personal documentation include dates and names, and keep the log updated throughout your interaction with the agent. I've seen debts reduced and even eliminated because a consumer was able to quickly prove that he or she had indeed made payments on time. More.




Boost your job search today...

post your resume at!


Employers are viewing online resumes!


The number of Employers using to find qualified candidates is growing daily --- It's important that you keep your resume fresh and ready!


Resume Updates:

  • Keep Employment History current
  • Be sure that all of your certifications/licenses are listed
  • Add in any recent educational attainments
  • Review your skills list to be sure it is accurate and relevant to your goal job
  • Be sure that your resume contains the Key Words for the type of job you are seeking
  • Revise your resume at the end of each month to keep it "fresh" in the system
  • If you have found employment, set your resume so that it can no longer be viewed by employers.

Resume Resources:

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OK Job Match - Resume Builder - Internet Resume


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